Cafe Crush: The Deck, Harajuku


Have coffee, will travel.

I learned from this trip how much I’ve changed when it comes to travelling. Now, I’m happy with strolling around and finding coffee places.


I intended to go to a different cafe but found out en route that it already closed. Good thing there were options around Harajuku and The Deck was one of the top recommended cafes.

It’s quite a walk from the JR Station. No complains though. Walking around Tokyo was enough of an itinerary for this trip. Plus, it’s a different side of Harajuku – more calm and subdued.



Sadly we skipped the pies because we’ll have dinner after our short stop here.


Coffee and memories. Here, my best friend from Italy and I had a hearty chat over a warm cup of coffee. Reminiscin’ the old times, how much we’ve changed and looking forward to what lies ahead.


The Deck Coffee and Pie, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. 2017.



Summer in ELYU

TBR 2I used to travel a lot to La Union when I was still working as a marketing specialist for a resort. The weekly 6-hour commute from Manila became common to me and stopovers were a favorite of mine.

Even though it took me a while to go back, there’s a part of it that still feels like home.


With a small budget at hand but a baggage enough for a week, we decided on this impromptu overnight DIY Summer trip.

FIRST STOP: Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

18118738_10158495702360104_6180106827538889579_nLOVELY DAY18118445_10158495701920104_5006541695337645376_n

SECOND STOP: San Juan, La Union

We didn’t actually plan to surf. Our main agenda was just to chill and we were able to do that – thanks to coffee, uncrowded shore and artsy hostel.


Good to note that the 6-hour travel time was down to 4 hours. What I love about this trip: (1) not work related, (2) stayed as a guest, (3) first time to try a shared-room hostel, (4) no strict itinerary, (5) a lot of time at the beach, (6) travelling with the best friend to boot.