Wedding Ideas: Favors & Props


Whenever I was asked what’s my wedding theme, my answer: Pinterest. Even before getting engaged, I already have a pinterest board filled with wedding ideas and I just know I have to make it come true once it’s my time to walk down the aisle.

I got my biggest help from Pinterest (of course!), for the free printables, and my then soon-to-be husband who took care of the wood works.

Jeff and Nica Nuptial-546



Got the Groom & Bride artwork from Wedding Chicks; which I printed and laced up.

Jeff and Nica Nuptial-556

Wedding favors that are Pinterest-Inspired. I had a few more favors like eco bags, wedding water and fans but sadly no pictures on my file.

Jeff and Nica Nuptial-554Jeff and Nica Nuptial-547

I can’t actually say that DIY-ing Pinterest ideas is more cheap as compared to buying an already made product because it still cost us a chunk of our budget and time. Wanting to re-create the pins was actually a splurge on my part.

Budget aside, I had tons of fun working on the projects. Seeing it on the big day itself and on these photos makes it even more priceless. And I believe that’s the beauty of DIY.


Photos by Manuel Chua of MDC Photography


Cafe Crush: The Deck, Harajuku


Have coffee, will travel.

I learned from this trip how much I’ve changed when it comes to travelling. Now, I’m happy with strolling around and finding coffee places.


I intended to go to a different cafe but found out en route that it already closed. Good thing there were options around Harajuku and The Deck was one of the top recommended cafes.

It’s quite a walk from the JR Station. No complains though. Walking around Tokyo was enough of an itinerary for this trip. Plus, it’s a different side of Harajuku – more calm and subdued.



Sadly we skipped the pies because we’ll have dinner after our short stop here.


Coffee and memories. Here, my best friend from Italy and I had a hearty chat over a warm cup of coffee. Reminiscin’ the old times, how much we’ve changed and looking forward to what lies ahead.


The Deck Coffee and Pie, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan. 2017.


Summer in ELYU

TBR 2I used to travel a lot to La Union when I was still working as a marketing specialist for a resort. The weekly 6-hour commute from Manila became common to me and stopovers were a favorite of mine.

Even though it took me a while to go back, there’s a part of it that still feels like home.


With a small budget at hand but a baggage enough for a week, we decided on this impromptu overnight DIY Summer trip.

FIRST STOP: Thunderbird Resorts Poro Point

18118738_10158495702360104_6180106827538889579_nLOVELY DAY18118445_10158495701920104_5006541695337645376_n

SECOND STOP: San Juan, La Union

We didn’t actually plan to surf. Our main agenda was just to chill and we were able to do that – thanks to coffee, uncrowded shore and artsy hostel.


Good to note that the 6-hour travel time was down to 4 hours. What I love about this trip: (1) not work related, (2) stayed as a guest, (3) first time to try a shared-room hostel, (4) no strict itinerary, (5) a lot of time at the beach, (6) travelling with the best friend to boot.



Journal Entry #1

I wanted to write before I doze off but I couldn’t get my thoughts together. Thinking of posting a DIY or a cafe or something from a recent travel, but no. Not tonight.

So, I went to pinterest instead, typed journal prompts and the topic that caught my eye: favorite song lyric.

On repeat today, Ed Sheeran’s Perfect. And I just played it again now. I’m not even surprised that I listened to it all day long. Appreciating how simple. how calm, how sweet it is and how the lyrics speak to me. I can picture my own love story in my head while the song plays.

Dancing in the dark /  With you between my arms / Barefoot on the grass/ Listening to our favorite song / When you said you looked a mess / I whispered underneath my breath / But you heard it / Darling you look perfect tonight. 

She shares my dreams / I hope that someday I’ll share her home


On another note, what really made me go here is realizing that I need to make a goal for myself this year. I’m back to: what am I going to do with my life. What do I really want to do. Why I am not yet doing it.

Every time I want to start something, it gets stuck in my head and nowhere else to go. Thank goodness I got the gutz to revive this blog.

Already spent tons of hours on youtube, maybe it’s time I spend more time here and more time for my DIYs. I looooove DIYs, that’s why it’s frustrating me that lately I can’t translate that love into action.

Saying goodnight with lyrics from Happier by Ed Sheeran:

Cause baby you look happier, you do / My friends told me one day I’ll feel it too / And until then I’ll smile to hide the truth / But I know I was happier with you

My Best Friend’s Wedding

Her request was simple: red roses.

And for such an intimate affair, her choice couldn’t be more perfect.


I’m grateful that my best friend entrusted me with the task of styling this table for 20, for her family and her closest friends. In turn, it was a priceless gift that I could give on her big day.


For the set up: I made use of @mydiyhome bottles and props (my collection over the years); wine bottles and vases were provided by the venue; we bought the red roses a day before the celebration; frames and photos were prepared by the bride; and free printables from




Cake by Cakeshop by Sonja

Of course, special thanks to my hardworking friends (a.k.a The Eat Girls hehe) who helped me from carrying all the props to setting up the table. Always fun to work when you guys are around!

Photos by Jhong Dizon


P.S. Just looking back at the photos gives me so much delight knowing that the work I’ve done on that day was something that I’m really passionate about. 

Cafe Crush: Lala Mama, HK

lala-mamaOur day tour / day hike in Lamma Island led us to a homey cafe, thanks to my cousin’s friend. Can’t help but fall in love with its village vibe. Little things like discovering a cafe (for instance, in the middle of an island) is what makes a trip memorable for me.

Lamma and Lala Mama are instantly on my HK fave list.

This one right here upon entry to the cafe totally completes the mood.


Lala Mama Cafe and Grocery, Lamma Island, Hong Kong. 2016.

Wedding Ideas: Kids Table


When we finally decided on our wedding venue, I knew that setting up this table is a must. I was very much excited to work on this because we wanted our celebration to be kid-friendly; the little ones can run around, play and enjoy the activities and treats.

Thanks to Pinterest, I was able to find ideas and free printables.

What are on the Kids Table:

  • ‘I Do’ Activity and Coloring Pages (printed this using a free template from pinterest)
  • Crayons and Pencils
  • Straws
  • Bag of candies and chocolates
  • Other props used: frames, bottles, jars, other trinkets.

I rented the picnic table (provided by the venue but they charged a fee to use it). I prepared the items in advance and made a sample set-up that I showed to the staff who handled it on the day of the wedding.

How it looked:


It was a happy moment for me to see friends posting pics of their children at the table while coloring or munching on the goodies.

Will be sharing more of our DIY Wedding Ideas!